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Our Story

We established The HOFFA Foundation in 2019 in order to provide recovery services, promote community awareness, and offer a stable, supportive home for men in addiction recovery. Traditional sober living doesn’t work for everyone. And we’re here to provide an alternative.
Like so many Maryland families, we lost someone who was loved deeply by many and who is missed beyond measure. Jimmy Zumbrun, our foundation’s namesake, passed away due to overdose in the summer of 2019 while waiting for an available sober living bed. Our goal was to create something Jimmy Zumbrun would be proud to be part of.

The HOFFA Foundation Staff

The HOFFA Foundation Board

How the HOFFA Foundation
Got its Name

Jimmy had a nickname for everyone, and his was HOFFA. So, it didn’t take us long to know what this foundation had to be called and create a fitting acronym: Healing. Opportunity. Free from Addiction. The HOFFA Foundation is home to an entire network of recovery resources, including residential sober living, job skills training, recovery-based networking opportunities, and community service projects:


The HOFFA Foundation has recently opened HOFFA House, a recovery residence for men in our Sykesville community who are working to gain freedom from addiction. HOFFA House is designed to meet the essential need of housing for individuals in recovery from harmful chemical dependence and addiction. It can be used to fill in the gap between inpatient care and unsupervised home life and provide stability needed for long-term sober living. Mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial well-being can be achieved when committed individuals have access to stable housing and addiction recovery resources.


We began funding our mission by selling coffee beans at local shops, markets, and other venues. Choose between “Jimmy’s Blend,” from Seattle, Washington and “Jimmy’s Hometown Blend” from Westminster, Maryland. HOFFA Beans also provides job training skills to individuals who reside in our recovery residence.

HOFFA Classic

Jimmy wasn’t a golfer, but he had a passion for sports and never passed up the chance to have fun and spend quality time with his family and friends. Our 2021 HOFFA Classic was a tremendous success, and we hope you’ll join us next year!

HOFFA Helpline

Since its inception, HOFFA helpline has engaged in a variety of initiatives to improve crisis services and promote addiction recovery for all. Our goal is to ensure that every person has someone to call at their lowest moments to provide a listening ear, hope for the future, and resources to help make people’s recovery dreams become a reality.

If you are interested in becoming part of our organization or applying for admission to our recovery residence, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Addiction Recovery Is
Worth the Effort

This HOFFA Foundation allows us to channel our love and grief into meaningful, recovery-centered work that we hope will encourage positive change in the addiction epidemic impacting so many members of our Sykesville community and beyond. For years, our long-term goal is to open a multidisciplinary recovery residence to provide people with the tools they need to gain freedom from addiction.

At the HOFFA Foundation, we celebrate authentic progress instead of demanding perfection. Providing people with an opportunity to make meaningful life changes allows people to grow, heal, and connect. We are dedicated to providing necessary resources, and more importantly hope, to those struggling with addiction along with their families, friends, and loved ones.

Community Recognition

The HOFFA Foundation continues to make an impact in our community. We’re honored to have been recognized by the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce for our work in helping our community heal. HOFFA Beans and The HOFFA Foundation have been named as the Grand Prize Winner as well as the People’s Choice Award winner of the 2021 Carroll Biz Challenge, and we’re ready to continue to help those in Carroll County and beyond who have been impacted by addiction.


Join Us to Provide Addiction Recovery Resources

People dealing with substance use and mental health concerns may have difficulty coming to terms with the understanding that the substances that provide short-term relief often cause long-term harm. Contact The HOFFA Foundation by calling 866.577.9810 to join our addiction recovery movement.

Tom Herb

Tom Herb

Chief Executive Officer

Tom is a community impact player and is on a mission to save lives. He has worked in the tech industry for the last 17 years and specializes in empowering leaders to build winning teams. He lives in Westminster, Maryland and enjoys watching the sunrise everyday while enjoying a cup of HOFFA Beans coffee.
Andrew Boone

Andrew Boone

Chief Brand Officer/ Chief Technology Officer

Andrew is the co-owner and Vice President of Maryland Print House. His knowledge in the apparel/graphics industry helps keep our brand to industry standards. His passion for helping the community is the driving force to help with our mission.

Constance Zumbrun


Connie is a retired teacher of 35 years, A mother of 4 beautiful and loving children and 5 grandchildren. She enjoys spending time with my family and friends. She keeps herself occupied with a purpose everyday by giving her time to The HOFFA Foundation, HOFFA Beans and The HOFFA House.
Michael Mitchell

Michael Mitchell

Chief Revenue Officer

Mike strives everyday to be a servant leader. His purpose is to share the gift that saved his life, Love.
Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy

Chief Recovery Officer

I am a single, full-time working mother who is granted a daily reprieve based upon the maintenance of my spiritual condition. I pursue the pace of grace—relentlessly.
Hunter Hawes

Hunter Hawes

Finance Manager

Hunter has been an Employee Benefits Consultant with McGriff since 2007 and also serves as the Benefits Practice Leader for Maryland. Hunter enjoys his career and thrives in his role which allows him to engage with people, his team, clients, carriers, vendors and business leaders to creatively develop financial and cultural strategies that provide optimal outcomes. At his core, Hunter has a strong passion for helping people, especially those seeking to positively change their lives through recovery.

Jeff Zumbrun

Facilities Manager

I am Jeff Zumbrun. I own Jeffrey N. Zumbrun Funeral Home & Monument Company. My son Is Jimmy Zumbrun. I am a board member of the HOFFA Foundation. I live in Sykesville, MD with my wife Connie. I am proud to serve in our wonderful community.
Michael Jenkins

Michael B. Jenkins

Secretary/Brand Ambassador

Michael is a loving husband, father of two beautiful daughters and is a dedicated member of his community. He is also committed and persistent in transforming the Healthcare Industry.