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The Hoffa House


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The HOFFA Foundation has recently opened a new recovery residence: HOFFA House! Our unique recovery residence is designed for Maryland men who are working to fight addiction and take control of their lives. Our goal has always been to provide stable housing for people in recovery from substance use disorder.

HOFFA House’s residential recovery program provides refuge, resources, and sober networking opportunities for men in Carroll County whose lives have become unmanageable due to addiction. It can also serve as a bridge between inpatient drug treatment and the abrupt return home. If you are interested in applying for admission or supporting a friend or loved one, contact our recovery residence by calling 866.577.9810.

Benefits of a Residential Setting

Primary care physicians and outpatient addiction treatment programs only treat patients during the day, so clinicians may not be able to understand the symptoms you experience in the evenings. A residential program provides supervision, structure, and support when necessary. Making small adjustments to daily living habits can have remarkable effects on people’s health, thinking, emotions, behavior, and ability to get through the day without escaping into drugs.

How Long Do People Stay at HOFFA House?

With a typical length of stay between two and four months, HOFFA House residents return home with more confidence and an increased likelihood of continuing to build long-term recovery. Our staff is committed to helping translate skills learned in treatment into real-life scenarios.
Our men’s residence provides:

  • 24/7 care from dedicated professionals
  • Daily therapy access to therapy
  • Job skills training
  • Assistance establishing structured independence

Our robust clinical program, individual attention we give each person, and comfortable, home-like setting distinguish HOFFA House from a regular Maryland sober living center.

Why Choose a Recovery Residence?

We meet each person in our care with understanding, acceptance, and compassion. To us, addiction is personal. We deeply appreciate the trust placed in us by each resident and their family. Whether or not HOFFA House is the right place for you, we will be happy to help any person who is brave enough to make an inquiry. Our staff will do their best to provide guidance, support, and experience.

We Treat Our Residents Like Family

HOFFA House alumni will testify that the professionals of HOFFA House habitually go above and beyond for each person residing at HOFFA House. 24/7 staff coverage provides constant access to support for each resident. Our team of committed, supportive staff members has experience lifting people up from their lowest of lows.

Visit Our Carroll County Recovery Residence

HOFFA House’s suburban living space encourages a feeling of community and togetherness among residents. By living as a community, our residents are able to inspire and support one another. Staying sober post-treatment is easier when people have access to a supportive sober community. The lasting bonds people create at HOFFA House help residents face challenges and celebrate triumphs. At HOFFA House, we are committed to helping people grow together, learn together, and restore their lives together.

Continuing Support for Lasting Recovery

We provide continued support and resources for residents once they leave our care through programs like HOFFA Tailgate and the HOFFA Classic. The goal of these programs is to encourage a supportive, empowering community where former residents continue to feel motivated and inspired to maintain their recovery and stay on the path that will lead them to achieving their goals. Finding a recovery community can give people a head start on their recovery journey.

Contact HOFFA House to apply for admission by calling 866.577.9810 or make a donation to support a newly sober resident. We promise—your life is worth the effort.