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The HOFFA Foundation was founded in 2019 as an umbrella organization for our network of community-based addiction recovery resources. Each program in our network has the same goals: to support people struggling with addiction while uniting our Carroll County community in celebration of recovery.

The opposite of addiction is connection; our goal at The HOFFA Foundation is to provide addiction recovery services to members of our community whose lives have become unmanageable due to chemical dependency. By providing housing and employment opportunities, we encourage independence, healing, and improved mental health. Contact us by calling 866.577.9810 to get involved or to learn more about our organizations.

Maryland's Addiction Recovery Non-Profit

Our team understands that recovering from chemical dependency is about progress, not perfection. The longer a person uses drugs as their go-to coping strategy, the harder it becomes to implement any other coping strategy. Addictive drugs help people avoid feeling pain, anxiety, and depression; however, they also inhibit cognitive functioning, creativity, and self-actualization. Addictive drugs present a host of long-term physical side effects that range from digestive issues to heart failure.



People with access to stable sober housing are at a distinct advantage when they approach recovery. The HOFFA Foundation has recently opened our first HOFFA House, a recovery residence for men who are working to gain freedom from addiction and move forward in their lives with purpose and community.

Beans and biscuits


We started selling coffee at local shops, markets, and other venues to fund recovery-related initiatives and offer resources to people struggling with addiction. We were thrilled by our community’s response to our small-batch, locally roasted coffee beans. HOFFA Beans also helps us provide job training to men who are staying at HOFFA House.

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HOFFA Tailgate

Join us for our yearly HOFFA Tailgate to connect with members of our community and watch the Baltimore Ravens take home a win. HOFFA Tailgates are kid-friendly. Pets are welcome as well! While our 2021 HOFFA Tailgate has already passed, we look forward to seeing everyone next year!


HOFFA Classic

Our annual HOFFA Classic golf tournament is a way to celebrate Jimmy’s legacy while fundraising for addiction recovery efforts. Proceeds from this annual event are used to provide financial support to the men at HOFFA House.

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HOFFA Helpline

We use our HOFFA helpline to provide support to people struggling with addiction. We believe that every person deserves to have someone to call at their lowest moments. To reach the HOFFA Helpline, call 240-357-8672.



The Running 4 recovery’s annual run is hosted by Rising Above Addiction, Carroll County Drug Treatment Court Development Fund, and HOFFA Foundation.100% of proceeds benefit the 3 non-profit organizations. A 1-Mile Memory Walk is also occurring to honor loved ones lost to addiction. Sign up for Running 4 Recovery’s annual run.

Promoting Addiction Recovery Helps Our Community

It isn’t easy for a person to realize that the drugs they’ve been taking—either prescribed or prescribed—to manage mental health concerns have started causing more harm than good. However, this realization is the first step toward recovery.

Every Life Is Precious

At The HOFFA Foundation, we strive to assist people recovering from addiction by providing resources and support they need in order to manage mental health, addiction, joblessness, and physical health concerns.We consider it an honor to help people on their journey to recovery as they reclaim their dignity, community, and hope for the future. We will use every resource available to help us achieve our goals. Providing people with stable housing, recovery resources, and a thriving network of other people who understand the consequences of addiction is an essential service in our community.

Contact Us to Get Involved In Our Recovery Community

Addiction affects countless Maryland families. No matter how hopeless you feel right now, we want you to know that recovery is possible. To get involved, apply for admission, or recommend someone for one of our programs, contact the HOFFA Foundation by calling 866.577.9810.