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Ways to Give

Donate Online

Help us tackle today’s addiction crises by contributing to addiction recovery

Donor Advised Fund:

Make a charitable contribution from your Donor Advised Fund.

Donate Stock

HOFFA Foundation accepts gifts of stocks, bonds, or mutual funds.

Donate items for the HOFFA House

We rely on donated items like furniture, toiletries, office supplies and more.

Amazon (The HOFFA Foundation)

Choose HOFFA Foundation as your favorite charity on amazon smile.


To volunteer please fill out the following form.

More ways to help​

There is more than one way to support and help those in addiction recovery.

Support The HOFFA Foundation

We are able to provide stable housing for people in recovery thanks to donations from our community. To the people who support us, we are grateful every day for your generosity. Your donations allow us to support people in recovery and help them move forward to better lives. Click here to make a donation to support our recovery residence.

Donate Online

Recurring donations are a steady stream of support for our programs. Set up an easy-to-use, automated monthly or annually donation to HOFFA Foundation using our online donation form.

Recurring donations are automatically charged each month on the day you made your first gift (so if you made your first gift on March 12, your next gift will be charged on April 12). Easily change your gift amount, payment date, or frequency via email at or phone at 866.577.9810.

Donate from your Donor
Advised Fund

Please direct your Donor Advised Fund (DAF) grant to be mailed to HOFFA Foundations’s mailing address. HOFFA Foundation’s Tax Identification Number (TIN) is 85-2401361.

HOFFA Foundation
6028 Sykesville Road
Sykesville, MD 21784

Donate Stock

Donating securities is easy and you receive a two-part benefit of receiving an immediate tax deduction and avoiding capital gains tax. The amount of your gift will be determined by the value on the day it is transferred into the HOFFA Foundation’s account.

To make a gift of stock, please contact us for the necessary information to arrange for a transfer of securities into HOFFA Foundation’s brokerage account. Please email or call 866.577.9810.

Donate items for the HOFFA House

Individuals in recovery need the support of a community to stay clean, and you can help by donating simple household items. To coordinate a drop off please message or call 866.577.9810.

Check-back in to donate items from our amazon wishlist.

Amazon (The HOFFA Foundation)

The next time you shop on amazon, use: So, they donate to your favorite charitable organization (HOFFA foundation), at no cost to you.


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More ways to help​

Please contact or call 866.577.9810 for your additional support.